Saturday, 8 January 2011

I'm on the way

The week of Semester 4 is just officially end~
Many of my friends forced to go to Uni during Saturday o.O
Because they have to attend Malaysion Studies class.
I think I shall give Taylor's a BIG thank you ^.<
If not, I might be part of them too~

Unintentionally slept for almost the whole day!!!
One of the reason is about the whether...
The windy and cooling is just so suitable to sleep ^_^
The other reason is I got period pain V_V
I didn't take note about that and drank cold cincau yesterday~
Somemore, my body is still quite painful >_<
Especially my both legs T.T

I did nothing today except did my report halfway~
Need to wait for Dr. Leong to upload the fluorescence photo in e-Portal

Tomorrow, I'm going to experience something new ^^
Though I've been told that it was a quite-ok-experience only @.@
Nvm... Just wait for tomorrow lah ^_^



Csheng said...

wow~ you are still updating your blog a?! haha...
btw, how have you been recently?

Luan said...

wakaka~~ Loggie!!!!
I'm doing fine here.. how abt u?
Actually, I'm just reactivating my blog... dun wan it become too lonely mah~~ Hehe :D
last sem, i was too busy till ignore it :(

Lynn . The Cat said...

Jia you jia you !!!!!!!
Take care Luan ~