Saturday, 8 January 2011

I'm on the way

The week of Semester 4 is just officially end~
Many of my friends forced to go to Uni during Saturday o.O
Because they have to attend Malaysion Studies class.
I think I shall give Taylor's a BIG thank you ^.<
If not, I might be part of them too~

Unintentionally slept for almost the whole day!!!
One of the reason is about the whether...
The windy and cooling is just so suitable to sleep ^_^
The other reason is I got period pain V_V
I didn't take note about that and drank cold cincau yesterday~
Somemore, my body is still quite painful >_<
Especially my both legs T.T

I did nothing today except did my report halfway~
Need to wait for Dr. Leong to upload the fluorescence photo in e-Portal

Tomorrow, I'm going to experience something new ^^
Though I've been told that it was a quite-ok-experience only @.@
Nvm... Just wait for tomorrow lah ^_^


Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy ending~~

I was happy yesterday and today~
Maybe it is just a small matter for other people,
But I really cherish they moment we have fun together ^^
Marshmallow, we are still the one-family-marshie <3

Recently, we are preparing a short dance for the Mpharm orientation.
(Maybe we are quite famous in IMU?? o.O I just say 'MAYBE')
Two minutes of the dance...
Easy??? sap sap water???
Totally N-O-!!!!!!!!!!!
The two-minute-performance is killing us :(
We were like a person who is having heart attack!!
GOSH~~~~~ We are super duper breathless @.@

Anyway, we did quite little well just now...
All of us were cheering after looking at the video of our dance practice ^^
I hope that we are just like that forever~
I'm really looking forward......


Monday, 3 January 2011

.:':. My Two 0 One 0 .:':.

对我而言, 这是非常特别的一年...
在这一年里, 我尝到人生的酸甜苦辣~

"你就好咯~ 上了大学还能找到一群爱跳舞的朋友~"
我真的很庆幸我有Marshmallow ^^
因为Marshmallow, 我有了很多跳舞的机会~
虽然前阵子, 我们之间发生了一些误会,
但是我相信, 我们会变得比以前更了解彼此,
让我们更知道其实我们都很在乎彼此 V_V
因为我真的很怕 :(

以前, 我认为Bpharmer很骄傲...
原来, 我错了!!!
因为Orientation, 我认识了他们 ^^
Skywalkers n Q-Dos~
谢谢你们让我有机会当小小的舞蹈老师, 让我有大大的成就...
当然我也要感谢我的partner, VonVon :)

The Eight Sista~
想一想, 我们八个女生是怎样混在一起的呢?
热爱拍照、First class honour的八妹
或许这就是缘分吧 :p
没想到我们还反老顽童 *o*
这是种乐趣啊 ^^ v

有句话, 我很想亲自告诉你...
其实, 我已经不恨你 ^^
当你告诉我真相后, 我告诉我自己:
可是, 我没做到 :(
好好的朋友, 最后变成朋友...
也许就如你所说的: 没有永远的好朋友~

想对你说的话, 我想你应该都懂吧...
真的很幸运我能留下来 ^^
知道这个好消息后, 我第一个想通知的人...
可是, 我没有这么做。。。
因为我的去留, 对于我们而言,

你的呢? ^^


Wednesday, 3 November 2010


First time I felt so helpless in exam hall T_T
Looking around, there is no one guide me to answer those questions...
Although I know that that is super impossible~~

I swear that I did my best in revision.
Why I still can't answer those questions perfectly?
Why am I still do those STUPID mistakes???
What the hell!!!!
I'm so tired.. depressed.. sad... feel like want to cry~~
I need a shoulder V_V

I know that the paper passed already...
Still have four more papers to go...
Yesterday, I told myself- It's ok that I didn't do well in Haematology paper, just do well in Bioanalysis tomorrow~
Who knows that today paper is worsen than yesterday paper!!!

As the papers go on, my confidence is fading V_V
My target -->CGPA 3.5 also starts to become far far away from me......

I really wish to reach my target becuase I will be given 30% off for the next semester tuition fee... And my Daddy's burden can be lightened too~~


Monday, 1 November 2010

Blogging mode is ON now~

During exam, people will stop all their entertainment...
No facebook
No clubbing
No MSNing
No shopping
No gaming
All they do is get themselve in a closed room n drown themselves with all the NOTES.
Thinking of what is the BEST way to memorise all facts, lock them in their brain till sitting in the exam hall, vomit out on the nswer booklet...
And lastly, forget all those facts AUTOMATICALLY!!!
Wakaka~~~ Perhaps only partially will be forgotten ;)

Like me, exam mist always turn my blogging-mode ON ^^
Why it is so?
I also don't know...
Maybe this is one of the way for me to destress~
Instead of putting all the junk food into your stomach while you are trying very hard to memorise all those scientific terms ~.~

Microbiology paper is down....
The heaviest paper in Sem 3 EOS...
All the BM109ians were so relieved after walking out from the exam hall~

Guys, there are SIX more papers to go!!!
We can do it!!!!
We will proceed to Semester 4 together and NO ONE left behind ^^


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

vaneSSa makes her comeback on Blogger

WoW~~ it has been almost three months I didn't update my bloggie!!!

Why do I come back this time?

Actually, I'm forced to do so because I'm having some bioinformatic class in this Semester.

Not only learning to create a blog. my LOVELY lecturer also asks us to get a TWITTER account =_="

Wakaka XD

Well, what I hav done within these three months?

Erm.. Quite a lot I think...

Of course there must be DANCING!!!

*I can't live without DANCING ^^*

And also there are a lot of incidents in this period..

which made me happy, sad and disappointed~~~

But nevermind... That's my life...

It comes to me and what I can do is just accept it~

Because that is dedicated to me and not other people ^^


Saturday, 12 June 2010


I went to Singopore with my family today.
We didn't went there to play or visit.
Swen is going to stay in Singapore V_V
In the past two months, she travelled to ann back from school everyday.
It is quite tiring to her as well as my Dad~
I think staying in Singapore is a better solution for her...
At least she could have more time to spend on her study...
No need to waste time and energy on transport ^^

Actually, I feel that the structure of the room is quite weird de :(
Maybe the location is Singapore??? I don't know la~
Anyway, the old couple who are staying with her, are kind and caring ^^
They are not the TYPICAL Singaporean :p
After tidying up the room, we went to Sakae Sushi to have lunch~
My little brother was so excited to sit beside the sushi bar!
Maybe he plays the Restaurant City too much already :0
JX, 想你的第四十九天... 昨晚临睡前, 我突然想起我的两位朋友(一男一女) They were couple before.. when they broke up that time, I was very angry with that guy because he gave me a stupid reason! But now, when I think back what he told me, I'm wondering maybe he got his point too~


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sick season 2

I hate the SICK feeling!!!
I feel no strength at all...
Sore throat came first, then flu and last cough :s
I don't want to see doctor!
But in the end, I have no right to refuse :(
My mum just help me to register and ask my dad to send me to the clinic.
I want to prove that our body immune system can function WELL without any medicines!!!

My brain keeps thinking of the performance...
Suddenly, I feel so streesed after listening to cy's talk V_V
I know that he is telling the truth~
And I know I should be prepared to face that...
Haiz~ I want to prove that we can make it...
But, my confidence is like keep falling~
Who can give me acknowledgement?
Who can give me encouragement?
Who can give me support?
Or I need to depend on myself till the end?

Anyway, I will strive for the glory till the end..
Even i just have a little of strength~
Just don't care about others' thinking....


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sick Season =(

Swen was sick yesterday...
She called my Dad to fetch her back from custom.
Then, my Dad was busy that time and he asked me to fetch her back.
I just followed my Dad to the custom ONCE!!!
Cham lah :S
If I let my Mum know that I'm not sure about the way, she'll be very worried..
So, I pretended that I 'know' the way well.
Actually, I know the way but not very sure :p
Luckily, I reached there safely and didn't sesak...
Well.. Swen gets better today =)
Of course lah.. My Mum takes care of her so well ;)
Then, in turn, my little brother got sick :S
Hope that he can get well soon lah~
And I don't want to get sick!!!


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A slight change...

"Ring! Ring! Ring!"
When I looked at my handphone, it showed 5.30 am!
So early?!!
When I wanted to sleep back, I just realise that I need to follow my Dad to send Swen to custom.
Aiyo~ I was so lazy to get up :(
I have no choice loh because my Dad will be outstation next week.
So, I need to learn the new way to reach custom~
After sending Swen, I straight away go back and sleep on my lovely bed ^_^
Then, I was woke up by Mum :(

I planned to cut my hair but the shop is closed on Mondays..
So, I decided to practise my dance...
I don't have big mirrors at home but I fully utilise the big windows of the front door ^^
Sounds so cool ;) HahaHa...
But I didn't dance very long because my Mum kept nagging me to take bath :(

Hehe~ I cut my fringe myself ^^
So long didn't have a short fringe ady...